Start a Conversation: Nepal

By Ana K.
Upper School Student

I made this short film to start a conversation about what is happening in Nepal. Its purpose is to promote thinking about how we can help people when we live far away. I hope that by watching this short video, you feel inspired to donate. If you’d like to donate money through the Berkeley Carroll community please contact Ms. Heldring and Ms. Matthews in the Upper School. If you are unable to donate, having discussions among your co-workers and peers is just as valuable.

And here are some ways we can help:

– Buy “Nibbles for Nepal!” (Bake sales will happen almost daily until we reach our goal of $3,000.)
– Donate to our “Bucks for Nepal” bucket! (located at the front desk)
– Think of a teacher challenge! (What would you pay to see your teacher do —  for example, cartwheel down the hall!)