Music Video From Berkeley Carroll Alumni

Brooklyn-based band Phony PPL’s new music video features a familiar setting: The Berkeley Carroll School.

Phony PPL filmed their new music video, co-directed by Berkeley Carroll alum Roxana Baldovin, using the halls of Berkeley Carroll as their backdrop. The song is called “helGa”, named after Helga Pataki, a 90’s cartoon character from the TV show Hey Arnold.

In Hey Arnold, Helga is a girl who has a major crush on Arnold, yet to the outside world it seems as though she hates his guts. Phony PPL have been around for a few years, and their guitarist, Elijah Rawk, is also a Berkeley Carroll alum. Their new video has gained press from both NPR and The Fader.

Roxana Baldovin has been doing video work, mainly music videos, for three years now. She has also done a few commercials and just wrapped up her first narrative work. Her and her boyfriend, Yasha, work together as a directing duo and have just started their own company, Pangean Vision, which does video production as well as sells clothing.

Check out the video, which not only features a collaboration between two Berkeley Carroll alumni, but also a shot of an iconic stairwell that’s been around since the Berkeley Institute days.