Seniors “Document The World”

By: Ernestine Heldring
Upper School English Teacher

The culminating project of the senior English class, “Documenting the World,” was to create short documentaries. This is the first year students have made documentaries rather than write final papers. Our students worked in groups of six for several months on these projects: figuring out what essential questions they wanted to ask, shooting interviews, finding and recording B-roll and then weeks of post-production and editing. We’re really happy to have partnered with the wonderful non-profit, Reel Works, on this project – they taught us so much about filmmaking!

Hidden Stories

Produced By:
Rasheed E.
Tristan G.
Alexandra P.
Zac P.
Maxwell P.
Zijun Z.

Smokers Anonymous:

Produced By:
Esme C.
Olivia G.
Daniel M.
Kamyar S.
Charles S.
Emma S.

Beautiful Now:

Produced By:
Lucia C.
Xinyi L.
Gretchen M.
Itiah P.
Felix P.
Sabrina Q.